When MASSEY, a Republican delegate to the 2004 RNC in New York City, runs into LEA, an old college friend, he discovers she’s a Liberal who’s protesting everything he believes in.  But as opposites attract, the two find themselves having to choose between their political ideals and their personal desires… A fair and balanced love story.

Directed by Mora Stephens. Written by Mora Stephens & Joel Viertel. Produced by Joel Viertel.
Directors of Photography Andreas Burgess & Brian O'Carroll. Edited by Joel Viertel. Original Score by H. Scott Salinas.

With Matthew Mabe, Woodwyn Koons, Alek Friedman, Alicia Harding, Jennifr Brown, T. Sahara Meer, Krista Kujat, Robert O'Gorman, Trevor Murphy.

Winner of the 2006 Independent Spirit Awards' John Cassavetes Award for Best Feature (Made for Under $500,000) -- CONVENTIONEERS follows MASSEY, a Republican delegate to the 2004 RNC in New York City, who falls into an unlikely affair with a girl he knew in college -- LEA, a Liberal who has returned to the city to protest the Republican agenda.  

Both are political virgins, who have surrounded themselves with like-minded colleagues and have never really confronted the “enemy ” in the flesh. At the same time, DYLAN -- a former protester who dropped out of the scene after becoming a father -- must also confront his dedication to the cause when he is hired as a sign language interpreter for the President's speech at the convention.

When he tells his activist friends about the job, they try to convince him to stage a protest during the President’s speech instead. The tension builds as Dylan reaches the convention floor and takes his place next to President Bush, while Massey and Lea try and find each other in the chaos outside.  What follows will test their beliefs about politics, love and commitment, and will push buttons on both sides of the divide. Shooting entirely in New York, director Mora Stephens utilized the 2004 Republican National Convention by incorporating events of the RNC into the fictional narrative of the film.

The film blends actors with real events and real activists from both sides of the aisle, and features breakthrough performances by actors Matthew Mabe and Woodwyn Koons as the two star-crossed lovers and Alek Friedman Lev as the interpreter, all of whom must choose between their political ideals and their personal desires during the tumultuous days of the Convention.

“A rare instance of U.S. narrative cinema that engages the politics of the moment, Mora Stephens' ‘Conventioneers’ refreshes on several levels. Finely penned and played characters.”
-Dennis Harvey, Variety
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“GO SEE THIS! Mora Stephens instinctive and delicate directing is transparent and unobtrusive to the story and perfect. CONVENTIONEERS is an intense and true love story mixed in with some of the deepest issues any person in this country lives with every day…”
-Aint it Cool News
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“In the sly new indie CONVENTIONEERS, the achievement of the film has less to do with guerrilla tactics, than with its shrewd interface of the personal and political."

-Nathan Lee, The New York Times
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